Why Was Ramona Singer Fired From Her Own Business?

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Ramona Singer spent nine months working for Pure Hair Extensions. According to her own words, she was helping the business get a better public image. This included press releases, social media accounts posts and talking about them on national TV and radio programs. Pure Hair Extensions, run by Victoria Flores is a small business, striving to reach a young audience and Singer agreed to help her with the task.

It all went smoothly until Singer made Flores sick with her diva behavior. Flores might not be the most peaceful celebrity on the planet, yet her fight with Ramona was over the top. Eventually, they ended their business relationship. Singer did something that made Flores bristle with rage. According to Flores, Ramona was utterly disrespectful, greedy and narcissistic, and there was no way they could continue a business relationship with someone who doesn’t know how to teamwork. Later, Flores stated that she regrets partnering with Singer, and she would never do that if she could afford to work with a different brand ambassador.

Ramona has a different story to tell, tough. In an interview with Us Weekly, she claimed that her attitude had nothing to do with being a diva. According to her, she was only asking for decent pay. It was no matter of greed, and Ramona only wanted to get some kind of output from her nine months of work. In the interview she complained that Flores only paid her about $1,000 for the whole thing.