Deadline for photographic submissions has changed to: May 1st, 2011, Apologies for the amendment.
All artists / photographers / photographic artists who submit work to Hijacked 3 – Australia / United Kingdom through the Big City Press website, will automatically receive a 50% discount code if you decide to purchase a copy of the book regardless of their inclusion in the final publication*

The Big City Press publication Hijacked 3 Australia / United Kingdom, will be available early 2012.

*Offer limited to 1 copy discounted at 50% per paid submission. Further details available on the Big City Press website closer to release date of the book.

Image by Artist: Spencer Murphy, Title: Kurt And Jara, from ‘Pictures From The Edge Of The World’, 2010
Courtesy of the artist © Spencer Murphy 2010.
As recommended by Lee Grant & Mark McPherson.