Crystal Hefner features in People Magazine

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The story of Crystal Hefner brought attention to a health issue that is often not covered. Crystal Hefner confessed in a feature published last month in People magazine that her breast implants were making her sick. For this reason, she had them removed. According to Breast Implants Perth, this is often due to poorly trained surgeons.

The 30-year-old happens to be wife of Hugh Hefner, the Playboy Magazine founder and mogul. She let the world know that 2016 would be her year of loving her actual self and reclaiming her health. She did this through a post-surgery photo of herself that she posted on Instagram. Crystal Hefner was previously a model but she is currently a DJ.

Some months back, she was found to have Lyme disease. The disease came with several symptoms including back, shoulder and neck pain as well as intolerance to certain foods and beverages. She was also afflicted with cognitive dysfunction symptoms such as memory loss and brain fog, in addition to fatigue, stunted hair growth, weakened immune system, recurring infections, burning bladder pain, thyroid problems and adrenal problems.

As expected, people on social media were quick to attribute some of her symptoms to the supposed condition referred to as breast implant illness. Currently, there is no general as to whether such a condition even exists. Crystal Hefner’s cosmetic surgery was well publicized due to her celebrity status.

Also, there are tons of blog post and online articles that advice women to avoid undergoing breast implant procedures and to have them removed. Professionals in the plastic surgery sector however, seem to agree that a connection cannot be placed between Hefner’s symptoms and the 10 year old breast implants.

According to Dr. David Song, there are a lot of women who have undergone either cosmetic or constructive breast implant procedures and have not been afflicted with the aforementioned adverse side effects and symptoms.

He also stated that currently, there is no scientific evidence in existence that supports the notion that breast implants and silicone leakage are to blame for any form of autoimmune diseases. David Song is the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is also the vice chairman of the University of Chicago’s Department of Surgery. The president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Daniel Mills, supported David Song’s position on the matter.

While being interviewed by Health line, Mills stated that research has always been conducted on breast cancer and breast implants were not a contributing factor to the number of women who developed cancer. He also added that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) look into the claims from women with lupus, fatigue, scleroderma and other autoimmune diseases. No connection was established between these symptoms and breast implants.