Scheduled Publications:
Hijacked 1 - Australia & America (2008) *Released
Hijacked 2 - Australia & Germany (2010) *Released
Rhythms in the Chaos - Tom Mùller (2011) *Released
Hijacked 3 - Australia & UK (2012) Scheduled for - February 2012
Australia's Greatest Hits by Joel Wynn Rees (June 2011) *Released
Coney Island Malibu Beach by Jackson Eaton, Benjamin Acree & Robert S. Johnson (August 2011) *Released

Mark McPherson Editor
Mark McPherson is an artist, art-photography entrepreneur, a contemporary photography book publisher and an Adjunct Lecturer, School of Communications and Arts at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. He is also the founder of Big City Press, the independent West Australian-based publisher of the Hijacked photographic book series. Hijacked: Volume 1 was presented in the Book Awards at the celebrated Rencontres d’Arles festival in France (2009) and received the Photo Book-Award from the Kasseler Fotoforum, Germany in the same year.

McPherson exhibited at the Pingyao 2009 International Photography Festival China and is a nominator for the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2010. He was also nominated for the Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam – Paul Huf Award 2010 and will present a workshop, photographic reviews and Hijacked: Volume 2 – Australia/Germany at Rhubarb-Rhubarb International Festival, Host Gallery London, Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, KLOMPCHING GALLERY New York, Australian Centre for Photography and the Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne in 2010. In 2012, he will curate a survey of Australian Contemporary Photography for FotoFreo The City of Fremantle, Festival of Photography and release the third volume of Hijacked – Australia & UK, in conjunction with Louise Clements, Senior Curator from Quad, Format International Photography Festival, Derby, United Kingdom.


Max Pam Editor Hijacked 1
As Gary Dufour noted in his essay on Pam’s work for Indian Ocean Journals “Each photograph is shaped by incidents experienced as a traveller. His photographs extend upon the tradition of the gazetteer; each photograph a record of an experience, a personal account of an encounter somewhere in the world. Each glimpse is part of an unfolding story rather than simply a record of a place observed.

While travel underscores his production Pam’s photographs are not the accidental evidence of a tourist.” His book Going East was featured in Phaidon’s History of the Photobook Vol 2 in 2006 His prints are in national and private collections in Australia, France, Great Britain Italy and Japan. Some of the published books on Max Pam’s work include: “Max Pam” (1999), “Ethiopia” (1999), “Indian Ocean Journals” (2000). But it was the first one Going East: Twenty Years of Asian Photography (1992) that won the most prestigious European book award, French „Prix du livre“.

His most recent book Atlas Monographs (2009) won the International Photo Book Prize at Photoespana in Madrid in 2010.

Tom Muller Hijacked 1 Designer
Tom Muller is an artist and designer. He has issued worldwide passports online (World Passport, 2000 -), released a limited edition of 24 carat credit cards complete with instructions for melting (Gold Card, 2006), and opened a supermarket for limited edition works (Supermart, 2004). He currently is the designer for the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and Big City Press.

Ute Noll Hijacked 2 Co-Editor
Ute Noll is known for publishing and exhibiting cutting-edge, fine art, documentary and emerging photography. She has been working in the field for many years. From 1999 to 2007 she was picture editor of the weekend supplement the major German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau.

In 2006 she founded the agency On Photography & Illustration and, in 2007, she opened the Uno Art Space in Stuttgart, where she regularly shows international photo exhibitions and holds lectures and workshops and coaches photographers.

Every month Ute Noll contributes articles about photographers, emerging talent, exhibitions and photo festivals in the German magazine Photographie as well as a number of other publications. Since 2004, Ms. Noll has been a team-curator and jury member of the annual international photo festival Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie. In 2010 the festival will award the 5000 Euro international ‘Merck-Award of the Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie’ for the third time.

Ms. Noll also works as a part-time lecturer on picture editing at two of the major German photo schools: the University of Applied Arts and Design in Dortmund and the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld.

She has been a member of several international juries over the years and is regularly invited to international photo-festivals around the world.

Ms. Noll was guest editor of issue 15 of the Spanish documentary magazine Ojodepez creating an issue entitled ‘I Want to Be Happy’ with projects by eight international photographers. She also showed the work in an exhibition at the Uno Art Space gallery in Stuttgart.

Markus Schaden Hijacked 2 Co-Editor
Markus Schaden was born in 1965 and lives and works in Cologne. He has been a book seller since 1985 and, in 1998, he opened the Schaden photo and design bookstore in Cologne. Since then, it has ranked among the best addresses for people interested in photography.

In 1995 he founded the Schaden publishing house, which publishes limited photography editions and special releases. In 2009 he won the Red Dot Design Award (an international design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany, which honours outstanding design quality and trendsetters).

Since 2006, this acknowledged expert on photography books has worked as an editorial journalist for the international photographic magazine Foam, which is published quarterly by the Foam Fotografiemuseum, Amsterdam. He also writes the Bookmarks column for Photonews and his online portal regularly presents information on new photo publications.

Previously Markus Shaden was Vice President of German Society of Photography. He has served on the juries of photography festivals in Mannheim, Arles, Paris, Cracow and Los Angeles.

Fabio Ongarato Design Hijacked 2 Designers
Collaboration and experimentation are key to our creative process. We pursue a sophisticated process of extensive research coupled with intense design development that allows us to develop truly distinctive ideas.

Our designers are worldly, skeptical, inquisitive people with an exceptional eye for detail. Regardless of their training or the countries they come from, they have to wear many hats: designer, editor, curator, art director and craftsperson. They understand design as an experiential process; part intuition and part chance. Each is able to think beyond themselves and has the mental and emotional breadth to find inspiration from a whole range of influences and the maturity to accept that the solution might lie beyond the core competencies of the collective studio.

We push ourselves to look for solutions outside of conventional disciplines, sometimes bringing into the mix practitioners who normally wouldn't be regarded as having a place in design: where, for example, the exploration of contemporary art practice might bring a whole new dimension to a fashion campaign, or some other unexpected dimension to re-orient our interpretation of a subject.

We aspire to transcend established modes and genres, creating the kinds of outcomes that go beyond one's own intuition and comfort zone. This opens up new possibilities and perspectives for our own work - and ultimately must benefit our clients by satisfying their objectives - and at the same time bring a heightened sensuality into the equation.

We believe fundamentally that all design is about problem solving. But it's also about provoking consciousness, stimulating an aesthetic response and creating a sense of personal engagement.

Louise Clements Hijacked 3 - Editor / Co-Curator
Louise Clements is the Artistic Director and Curator at QUAD, a visual arts and media centre in Derby UK. She is also co-founder and Artistic Director/Curator of FORMAT International Photography Festival, Derby UK. FORMAT is one of the UKs leading contemporary photography festivals since 2004 whose biennial programme celebrates the best of contemporary photography from all over the world.

FORMAT International Photography Festival contains: photography exhibitions, mass participation, portfolio reviews, commissions, open submission, curated shows, events and more. The next FORMAT will take place in March 2011 on the theme ‘Right Here, Right Now : Exposures from the Public Realm’ curated around street photography. QUAD contains galleries, an independent cinema, artist studios, digital and physical production spaces and a British Film Institute Mediatheque.

As a curator, since 1998 Louise has initiated many commissions and exhibitions of international and emerging contemporary art, she has managed artists residencies and produced several publications. QUAD programme organizes around fifteen exhibitions per year, several of which tour internationally. She also participates on photo juries inc Vauxhall Collective Style Council Photography Award, Shoot the Street British Journal of Photography, EXPOSURE UK, New York Photography Festival Awards. Reviews portfolios at events in Slovakia, Korea, China, India, UK, USA and more. She has written for various artists, catalogues and magazines in both print and online media including VAGA, Creative Review, Next Level, AN magazine, South Korean Photography, 1000Words, Troika Editions and Arts Professional.

Leigh Robb Hijacked 3 - Editor / Co-Curator
Leigh Robb has been the PICA Curator since September 2009. She completed her BA in Art History and Psychology at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, where she also worked at the Queensland Art Gallery on a number of Asian Pacific Triennials of Contemporary Art. Leigh completed her Masters in Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, specialising in postmodern theory and conceptual art from the 60's. She moved to Perth from London where she was Associate Director of Thomas Dane Gallery - a contemporary gallery in Piccadilly - where she worked with international artists including Steve McQueen, Paul Pfeiffer, Albert Oehlen, Michael Landy and Anya Gallaccio since 2005.

Prior to the UK, Leigh ran the Education and Internship program at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice for four years (2000-2004) and also worked at the American and Australian Pavilions at the Venice Biennial. Recent curated exhibitions at PICA in 2010 include solo shows of Jeppe Hein (Denmark) and Bevan Honey (WA) and group show Love of Diagrams. Leigh's upcoming curated exhibitions at PICA in 2011 include John Gerrard (Ireland), Roderick Sprigg (WA), Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata-Dupont (WA), Alex Spremberg (WA) and a co-curatorial group exhibition of contemporary Japanese artists entitled Alternating Currents.

Andy Simionato Hijacked 3 - Designer / Art Director
Beyond designing and publishing his own print and digital projects including Atomic Activity Books, Andy is commissioned to make books, magazines and graphic design for a number of international clients as diverse as Architectural Universities to sport brands. He has been making progressive graphic art for the fashion and design industries in Milan, Italy and Europe for almost two decades.